Automatic Swing Door Opener

Olidesmart automatic swing door adopts imported motors and spare parts, and a built-in microcomputer controller,guaranteed quality. It has passed millions of tests, work stable and with smooth operation. Can easily adjustable opening&closing speed.The wide-voltage multi-port design is suitable for all parts of the world to meet various needs.

The automatic swing door can be divided into two types: built-in type (hidden arm structure) and external type (display arm structure), which are suitable for different application places. Newly installed closing automatic doors usually use a built-in structure, and for the automation of existing manual doors, the external hanging type is the best choice.

Our automatic swing doors have external type(DSW120/Olide-120B) with a load-bearing door weight of 120kg, a heavy duty type with a load-bearing door weight of 200kg (DSW200) or 300kg (Olide-300). There is also imported automatic spring swing door opener, in the event of a power down, the unit will provide self-closing spring force.

The opening method of the automatic swing door can be selected from sensors, button switches, remote control, etc., and can also be used with the access control system to make a security automatic swing door with attendance and other functions. The device can be equipped with an safety sensor installed in the vertical or upper horizontal frame of the door leaf to prevent people from hitting or trapping people during the opening or closing of the door leaf. The safety is very good.

Some of our automatic swing door can be opened manually when power off, ensure fire safety. And with "push and go"function, the door can be opened without push force.

It can be equipped with a non-contact hand sensor switch, the door will open automatically without pressing, which can meet the needs of operating rooms, dust-free workshops and other special places. With smart switches, it can also be controlled by smart devices such as mobile phones and stereos.

Automatic swing door can choose to open inward or outward. In some public places or passageways, push arm is generally used more, which is convenient for people to pass. When it is installed in ordinary household doors, the opening direction can be determined according to your needs.

automatic swing door arms optional

Automatic swing doors are currently widely used in state agencies, military systems, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, hotels and other industries, and are gradually entering the public's field of vision.