Olidesmart Contactless Automatic Swing Door with Smart RFID Pet Tags

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Olidesmart Contactless Automatic Swing Door with Smart RFID Pet Tags

Olidesmart contactless automatic swing door with smart tags both can used by people and pets.

The smart pet collar set uses RFID technology to communicate between your pet's tags and the RFID transmitter to activate your auto enabled door. It offers the highest security in preventing the chance of wild animals such as possums, raccoons, or your neighbors’ pets from activating your auto door system. 

In addition, the smart pet collar can also be used as a WiFi switch, because it can also realized by using mobile phones and smart speakers to control the door. The receiver has built-in smart chip technology, so you can directly download the mobile APP "eWe-link" to control the door, and you can also connect to a smart speaker Alexa and Google home~ You can open and close the door remotely and regularly(time setting), so you can better arrange your own schedule~

 olide-120B remotely control by phone app

One full package including 2pcs smart tags and 1pc RFID receiver, if you have more than 2 pets, you can purchase additional tags. The receiver can be fixed on the wall, wired with the swing door opener, the receiver can receive the signal transmitted by tags and trigger the door to open.

olidesmart automatic pet door opener

contactless automatic swing door with smart pet tags

Olide-120B Automatic Swing Door Opener Manual

Contactless Automatic Swing Door Opener for Disabled and Home/Office Safety Advantages

  • People with disabilities are sometimes inconvenient to move, they can carry a tag with them, and the door will automatically open within the sensing range.
contactless automatic swing door opener with smart tags
  • If the door is outside, you are afraid that it will be unsafe if the switch/push button is installed. You can choose smart tags, which only have the "key" for you or your family, so there is no need to worry about a thief entering the door. It's a contactless way to open the door,too.
  • It's also a good choice for office. People come and go, everyone need to open the door with hand, there are many bacteria on the door, and it is easy to cause cross infection. If an automatic door opener be installed and bring a smart RFID tag, you don’t have to worry. Everyone has a separate "key", which is convenient and safe.

olide-120B automatic swing door opener with smart rfid tags

Features for Smart RFID Pet Tags

  1. The tag adopts waterproof design and has a compact appearance.
  2. Three-gear sensing distance adjustable, more flexible.
  3. Adopt dual frequency wireless signal control (125KHZ and 2.4GHZ )
  4. The tag is low-power comsumption design, which makes battery life more durable.
  5. The identifier adopts a wide voltage AC and DC power supply design, which is flexible in power supply.
  6. One controller can connect with 200pcs tags max..

automatic door samrt rfid tags features

Olide-120B Automatic Swing Door Opener Features

  • Various parameters can be adjusted through the debugging handle, such as opening and closing speed;
  • Multi-function port design, can be connected to switches, electric locks, sensors and other accessories to meet diverse needs;
  • The automatic mode and manual mode can be adjusted. If you don't want to push it open by hand, you can increase the opening force; on the contrary, you can open the door manually by reducing the force.
olide-120B automatic swing door features

Olide-120B Automatic Swing Door Technical Specifications

automatic swing door opener technical Specifications

Wiring Diagram

olide-120B wiring with pet rfid collar sensor

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