Tips For Picking Automatic Doors

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Tips For Picking Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are getting much more popular as more time goes on. Automatic doors nowadays are not only used in malls and commercial places but are also used in day to day life. All of us do end up kind of too lazy to really move around in some really bad days. It is also used to make people with disabilities lives’ easier. To be more specific, it helps out a lot of people who are paralyzed or it could also be the elderly who really does need our help with their everyday lives, which is honestly kind of sad. Gladly though, automatic doors are a thing now and this can help not only the sick but the elderly as well.

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Automatic doors are also useful for so many more things including giving your pets the freedom to poop or pee in your yard or even play out there at any time they want. If you also don’t want this to happen, most automatic doors do come with locks if you actually are worried about security.  Automatic doors honestly help a lot of people not only to people who are sick but the elderly out there who also need our help. This can also help us whenever we’re just in a bad mood where we don’t really want to do anything and pretty much just be lazy.

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Now when automatic doors are getting more and more famous by each second, I’m sure you’d expect more manual doors to be transformed into the new and improved automatic doors. That is why we’re going to list out all of the automatic doors out there that will be available for you to buy at any time you want.  Let’s start with the first automatic door we have for you, automatic sliding doors.

  • When you think of an automatic door, we probably all think of a sliding door, it is probably the most commonly used automatic doors out there. Anyway, these automatic doors are available for you to buy in a bi-part slide, single slide and telescopic slide. As you can tell from the name, this automatic door just slides to the side to allow you entry. Automatic doors also come with a lock system and maybe even remotes too. These automatic sliding doors can also be used in situations with a lot of people.
  • Automatic revolving doors are those doors that honestly look kind of fancy and do spin when you push it, except not needing to push the door at all since all you need to do is just walk close to it and it’ll just move. This also allows a ton of people got through since this door does allow both an entrance and an exit. Automatic revolving doors are a good choice there are a lot of people that walk through it every day, so if a lot of people would go through this door, it’d be so much easier for everybody and an automatic revolving door would be the better choice to go for. This automatic door also has a lock.
  • Sadly, not all of the automatic doors out there aren’t really for situations with a lot of people in it. Although these automatic swinging doors aren’t for places where a lot of people come and go, it still is a good option, especially for a family that’s just looking for a simple automatic door. These automatic doors are honestly just very simple and should be used in at least a family of one, which basically means that you can also just buy this for yourself and maybe even your pet. These doors are also available in a pair, double door or with just one door. As all of the automatic doors listed here, this is also an automatic door that has a lock.
  • Low energy automatic swinging door is just like the normal automatic swinging door but it is also usually activated by a push plate or can just be opened manually, the old fashion way.

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  • Last but not least, we also have automatic folding doors. Automatic folding doors are honestly just a lot like an automatic sliding door, but instead of sliding to the side, it folds itself until it gives you enough space to give you entry. When you plan on buying one of these doors, you should be really sure with the space that you will be able to provide the door, so it’s better to be aware of the space that’s needed in order to install one of these. These automatic folding doors are in a single fold or in a bi-fold door. This automatic door also allows you to lock people out at any time you want.

I do really hope that the list of automatic doors that we made for you gave you a clear vision of each automatic door. But when you’re looking to buy an automatic door, it is not only the doors that are available but it also includes factors such as the space you need for one of these. So if you’re having trouble deciding from one of these automatic doors, we have another list for you that will hopefully give you more of a clear vision of what kind of sliding door you want to be installed in your house or in your commercial lot.

So, how to choose automatic doors?

  • First of all, it’s better to ask yourself what exactly your needs are. Would this door require two-way traffic? What exactly are you using it for? How small or how big will the door-way be? Would there be a large number of people passing by? How much space do you have available or how much space are you ready to sacrifice for this automatic? It’s good to ask yourself questions like these in order for you to know the specifics or specific requirements for an automatic door.
  • If you’re looking into a two-way traffic kind of door, it would probably be better to get yourself a sliding door or a revolving door. Although, I’m sure that the sliding door is probably the safer option to go with.
  • Automatic swinging doors are usually the best option to go with if you’re looking for a one-way traffic kind of door. Although automatic sliding doors are also a good option to go with, automatic swinging doors probably cost cheaper, although it actually depends on the seller.
  • If you’re planning on using Alexa, the smart speaker, to control the opening and closing, I’m sure that all of the automatic doors above will work as long as you find a good seller and will be able to set up the whole thing, or hire someone who can do it themselves. In fact, smart homes are becoming more and more developed, and many home appliances can be intelligently controlled, such as Siri or mobile apps, smart speakers, etc. Olidesmart do have this kind of products, such as smart automatic swing door operatorsautomatic sliding door operators, electric window openers, curtains, etc.

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  • If you’re buying an automatic door online, it’s important to check the description, the product reviews, the product rating and the seller rating. It would also probably be preferable to shop on a website such as brand website, professional people do professional things.
  • This is a good product with a warranty that will be very reassuring to consumers like us. A warranty will also be able to show how much confidence the manufacturer has in their product. So, it also shows that the longer the warranty, the more confidence the seller has. The shorter or no warranty also shows that the seller doesn’t really have a lot of confidence in their product. So, I’m sure that we can all agree that a product with a long warranty will guarantee us an automatic sliding door that will last a while.

I do hope that the list we gave you above will help you a lot in choosing the automatic door that will be perfect for you. Also be sure that the automatic door you’re planning to buy fulfills all of your needs. Anyway, in summary, there are five kinds of automatic doors that you can choose from and buy. What are these automatic doors? Well, we have an automatic sliding door, a revolving automatic door, a folding automatic door, a swinging automatic door and a low energy swinging door. All of these doors have their own quirks, pros and benefits, and you are the only one who can decide which one is perfect you and which you should buy. These doors are helpful a lot in our day to day lives. Not only is it helpful to us, but it is also useful for the sick, for the elderly and is also useful for your pets as well. There are also a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the automatic door for you, and hopefully, you will be able to find your dream automatic door.

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  • I agree that you should check for online reviews. I want to get automatic doors for my nail salon. I’ll be sure to do my research before making a purchase.

    Anna Davis on
  • I saw an installation video on a double sliding door that meets in the middle with one long black rubber belt operating them but I can’t find it in your catalog. I have a double Anderson residential door I would like to have both doors open. What do you recommend? And what is the cost and where in the U.S. is your warehouse?

    larry Thomas on

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