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If you are looking for a reliable way of avoiding the spread of bacteria, viruses, or germs in your business or industrial building and residential structure as well, look no further than Hands-free automatic door is the best solution. Door handles are amongst the most bacteria-infested objects in factors, hospitals as well as other facilities. It is possible to contaminate the coronavirus to others, simply from the utilization of the door handles in the building.



Olidesmart offers an automatic door solution to allow hands-free operation of automatic doors. The hands-free Olide automatic door solutions will keep you, your family, employee, and occupants safe from contamination of viruses like COVID-19. These hands-free Olidesmart automatic door solutions are often utilized in areas where hygiene is very vital. These places take account of laboratory, restrooms as well as restaurants. They are effective and simple solutions to keep away from cross-contamination from germs as well as viruses on your doorknobs.

Welcome call us now for order and installation of hands-free automatic door solutions or touchless open the doors in residential or commercial facilities.

What is Hands-Free Olidesmart Automatic Door Solutions?

The DSW120 Automatic Swing Door Opener is the best hands-free automatic door solutions today. It is armed with amazing features like it doesn’t come with a transformer drive device with a broader range of voltage. It works silently, easy to use, and the performance is very reliable. This also offers more convenience for working and living environment, and the service life of over one million times guarantees that the tool can be utilized for a long span of time. The mechanical design is modern and innovative, thus making the process of installation faster and easier. It provides access control, sensors, safe light security as well as other interfaces and is able to arm with electric locks as well as power output interfaces.

Grimy and Unclean Door Handles Lead to Cross-Contamination

People can pass viruses, bacteria, or germs to others by cross-contamination once they hold the handles of the door, pull the door to open, and press handicap door keys. In just a few minutes, your doorknob can help multiply germ in factories, public restrooms, residences, hospitals as well as commercial structures.

Some germs that can spread in dirty door handles take account of:

  • Protozoa: It can cause nausea and diarrhea
  • Viruses: Like influenza, seasonal flu and coronavirus
  • coli: Type of bacteria that cause food poisoning
  • Fungi: Cause rashes
  • Streptococci: It can cause cellulitis and strep throat

The superb way of keeping the people inside the building safe and sound if to avoid bacteria from settling on door handles surfaces. Knowing germ hotspots, as well as carefully cleaning them, is a remarkable way of preventing the spread of bacteria. On the other hand, this takes a lot of time and hard work. The best thing you can do is to substitute door handles with an automatic door, so you can open the door touchless.

Keep the Environment Free with Hands-Free Olidesmart Automatic Door Solutions

The technology of hands-free is becoming accessible and more popular. Voice controls, as well as Bluetooth devices, are on hand on different types of products and now are present in daily living, like touchless switches.

It’s no different in industrial building where in motion wave sensors and motion sensors will open the door and help in keeping the entrances of the building free from the germ and deadly viruses.

Hands-free Olidesmart Automatic Door Solutions Features

This hands-free door from Olidesmart is integrated with lots of essential features, which makes it one of the best automatic hands-free doors in this time of the pandemic. Some of its features take account of:

The demodulation sensor and infrared modulation will not produce any interfering as well as interfered signals.

Front non-contact sensor with a reflectance, sanitary and clean

Easy to adjust sensing distance between one centimeter and 20 centimeters can be set liberally adjusted in accordance to different events and occasions.

It has an imported high sensitivity infrared sensor that has convenient and timely sensing capability.

Wireless transmitting with the use of RF 315MHZ is able to realize long as well as stable transmitting distance.

Where to Use this Hands-Free Olidesmart Automatic Door Solution

This hands-free automatic door from Olide is beneficial to use in:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Ideal to set up in waiting rooms, offices as well as ICU
  • Cleanroom Settings: Sensing to open doors in research facilities as well as laboratories
  • Industrial Settings: Touchless open the door in chemical processing, manufacturing as well as control rooms
  • Business Settings: Sliding door for shopping centers, warehouses as well as retail outlets
  • Commercial Properties: Wave sensor for apartments, condos as well as offices

This automatic door solution from Olidesmart has other benefits from staying doors free from virus and bacteria such as:

  • Improve occupant’s convenience
  • Improved the value of the property with modern technology
  • Compliance with Disabilities Act
  • Energy savings in automatic door closures


If you want to keep your building or home safe and free from any forms of viruses and germs, consider installing hands-free Olidesmart automatic door solutions. Not just built to last but also keeps you, your family, workers, and staff safe and sound.

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