Touchless Automatic Door

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There are some videos from our customers, all about touchless automatic door.

Automatic Swing Door Opener

1.Touchless Automatic Door work with Hand Sensor Switch

Product link: 

Olide-120B with touchless hand sensor switch


2. Contactless Automatic Door work with Face Recognition Device

Product link: 

Olide-120B with face recognition device


3. Automatic Door work with PIR Sensor and Safety Sensor

Product link: 

Olide-120B with PIR sensor


4. Non-contact Automatic Door work with Remote Control

Product link: 

Olide-120B automatic swing door opener

Automatic Sliding Door Opener

1. Residential sliding window/door opener can connect to Alexa via WiFi switch, and then use Alexa to control doors and windows.

Product link:

Casa1 with WiFi switch

 2. Automatic sliding door opener work with face recognition device. Face recognition equipment can pass verification by recognizing faces, swiping a card or entering a password.

Product link:

Touchless automatic sliding door SD280


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