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Chinentech Industrial Limited is a professional automatic doors manufacturer in China, engaged indesign, production, sales and installation of automatic door systems. Since 1992, We have become one of the leading automatic doors manufacturers in China. We provide high-quality automatic entrance systems for all kinds of buildings, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail business, etc. We also supply complete access control systems for keeping your door system more safe.

Types of automatic doors: Automatic sliding doors, Automatic swing doors, Automatic hospital doors, Sliding gate openers, Swing gate openers, Automatic Windows, Electric Curtain/Blinds, etc.

All our automatic doors meet the international standards, having passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system and got CE certificate. Chinentech is enlarging its export market, and looking for distributors all over the world. Welcome to contact us, and we are dedicated to offer you our best service, best price and best products. Your complete satisfaction with the quality of our products and services is our top priority.

Automatic Swing Doors

Different installation methods and different load-bearing models are available;

olidesmart automatic swing door
olidesmart swing door opening directions



  1. Reinforced high strength aluminum alloy and imported original parts used;
  2. Imported motor from Germany with fast speed and service life of more than 1 million times, it can work stable and with smooth operation;
  3. Microcomputer controller, more intelligent;
  4. Universal voltage can widely used;
  5. Multi-function interface6. The Remote control distance can be more than 10 meters, and flexible adjustment of automatic door (automatic, normally open, normally closed, semi-open).

Automatic Sliding Doors

 olidesmart SD150 automatic induction door
SD190 Operator for sliding door up to 150kg(single leaf) or 130kg*2(double leaf) SD150 Operator for sliding door up to 150kg(single leaf) or 120kg*2(double leaf)



  1. Good applicability and high selectivity;
  2. Imported chips, aviation aluminum;
  3. Low noise, smooth running;
  4. Obstacle avoidance design;
  5. Imported motor -- with fast speed and service life of more than 1 million times;Brushless dc motor, fully sealed structure. Small size and high power dc brushless motor, longer than brush motor life, less noise;
  6. Microcomputer controllers use cutting-edge technology,has efficient loop, overload protection, memory and correction functions; It can be checked to know the door leaf (size, weight) to set the operation parameters, so that the door maintains a good operation state of reliability, The controller itself has 24V power supply, without using transformer.


olidesmart residential sliding door


Easy for installing, without change existing door structure. Compact size and nice appearance, modern design. System can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet switch. Photocell, card reader ,lock and so on. Window and door mode can be switched arbitrarily. Suit for smart-home.

Operator for sliding door up to 80KG



1. APP Bluetooth Debugger can be used for the door opener.
2.Widely applied to public place like offices,restaurant,even home.It suits various gates,meet multiple needs.
3. Directly transfer electric energy into rectilinear ,motion mechanical energy,quicken reacting speed of system,enhance the accuracy.
4. Multiple protection function,low resistant bounciness to protect children and the elders.
5. Noiseless motor,low loss switch ,high security and safety fluency.
6. Cuts off all the noisy behind and offer you a complete private space.
Olide Maglev Automatic Door up to 100KG


High strength screw rotation,reinforced retainer and tailor-made 100% copper special powerful motor, the motor housing is made of integrated aluminum die casting, which is strong and durable. Manual release key open, easy to open when power failure.The mode of single arm and double arm can be adjusted , which can realize the function of opening and closing a single door, or the function of opening and closing two doors at the same time. Simple, quick setup and usage Settings.
SD1108 Operator for swing gate up to 350KG



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