DIY Home Automatic Sliding Door Opener with Smart Pet Tags

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Automatic Sliding Pet Door Working Video


Note: Single tag need to be purchased with the door opener, and orders placed separately will not be shipped.

DIY Home Automatic Sliding Door Opener with Smart Pet Tags

DIY home automatic sliding door opener with smart RFID tags, which enable pets, such as dogs and cats, and people to use conveniently. 

DIY home automatic sliding door opener suitable for small framed doors such as patio doors, kitchen doors at home or offices, but not for frameless glass doors. 

The track of home automatic sliding door opener is separate from the machine. Each track is 19.69inch(0.5m), the standard track we send is 39.37inch(1m) and the track can be added according to the width of the door, if you need extra track, please contact with us.

olidesmart automatic sliding door opener with pet fob sensor tags

The smart RFID tags divided into pets and humans use. Pets have a paw icon, but humans do not. It is convenient for some people with disabilities to use, can be carried around, pollution-free and safer.

In particular, the intelligent chip is built inside the smart collar sensor, so that you can also directly download the mobile phone APP "eWe-link" for remote control of the door. And it can also be connected to smart speakers such as Alexa and Google home. While it is convenient for pets to enter and exit, it also brings many benefits to owners~

More about smart pet tags

DIY Home Automatic Sliding Door Openerresidential sliding door opener controller

  • Small size and exquisite appearance, especially suitable for home use;
  • Easy installation(we have installation video), can do it yourself, without change existing door structure ;
  • Wide voltage design, 100-240V AC available;
  • A variety of modes can be selected, can be set in different situations;

residential sliding door opener mode

  • Equipped with a multi-function remote control and wireless push switch to meet daily door opening needs;
  • Multi-function port design, can connect kinds of access control equipment;

DIY Home Automatic Sliding Door Opener with Smart Pet Tags

 residential sliding door opener work with smart wifi switch

Wiring Diagram with Smart Pet Tag

wirings for CASA1 residential sliding door openers with M504W

how to wire 504W receiver to CASA1 door opener controller


The door opener can be installed on the top or bottom of the door (if there is not enough space at the top), it can be opened to the left or right, the position of the motor can be changed when installing.

How to Connect the 504W Receiver to CASA1 Door Opener

how to connect 504W receiver to the CASA1 residential sliding door opener

Residential Sliding Door Opener Manual

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Ask a Question
  • Which electronic lock is compatible with this sliding door opener? Is it compatible with vinyl patio sliding door? Please provide the installation manual


    Currently, we only have the magnetic lock, but no compatible bracket to work with the sliding door opener. You may can find the bracket in local store.

  • What are the functions of the "ewe-link" app? Can you turn on and off the auto door from the app while you're not at home?

    Hi, you can open the door from eWe-link APP, but can not close or lock the door. In general, the door will automatic open and close when you open the door from the app.

  • What happens if I pull on the door handle to open the door while in pet mode?

    The CASA1 sliding door opener can be manually open in manual mode; It is not recommended to manually open the door in pet mode, it will not open.
    If the door is forced open, the motor may be damaged.

  • Hi, can this door do MULTIPLE MODES at the same time for example Pet Mode and Manual Mode at the same time

    Sorry, it can not. You can only choose one mode when it's working.

  • When you turn off the auto door do you fight the auto door motor to open manually?


    If the power is turned off, the door can be opened manually.


    Hi Tate,

    I think you don't need to add, because the smart pet tags have the function, you can download the phone app "eWe-link", and connect with the door opener system, you can use phone control the door.

  • Why does my controller have to relearn the door width every time I turn on power or switch out of manual mode?

    It's normal. It's necessary to relearn the door width after a power outage.

  • Does it also have like a timer that can be set to open up at certain times of the day if need be?

    Yes, you can set time open in the app.

  • When I use the app and activate the switch when the door is closed in pet mode, it successfully opens. However, it will not close if I activate it again on the app, what could be the problem?

    Please make sure that the door opener DIP switch 4 is set to the "OFF" position -- Door mode, the DIP switches on right corner of controller;
    If it is set to "ON" position, it's window mode, the door will only open but not close automatically.

  • In automatic mode or pet mode will the sensor trigger from the outside or only from the inside? How do I enter and exit the door without fighting the motor?


    If you have installed sensors both inside and outside, then both the inside and outside sensors can trigger the door to open; If you set the door mode to " Manual mode", the door can be operated manually, the motor will not involved.

  • Does the opener have auto-reverse? I have a small dog and don’t want her to be crushed.

    The automatic door has a rebound function when it is blocked, but it will rebound after a certain pressure; Or you can use an anti-pinch sensor to avoid crushing pets in the door.

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