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Automatic Sliding Door Opener For Pets Use

residential electric sliding door operator

One set electric door opener includes: Auto slider, adapter, install bracket, remote, tooth cap nut, one pair wireless push button, two pair pet presence detector and gear rack.

home sliding door opener for pets use application

An automatic pet door is designed to provide freedom not just to pets but to homeowners as well. Essentially, a kitchen/patio automatic door opener slide type with a pet infrared sensor is differently designed for distinctive pets. Homeowners need to take into consideration that with regard to pets, it does not only allude to dogs but cats and other animals as well. What is eminent on an automatic pet door is that it lessens the workload of homeowners of opening the doors just to allow their pets out and in of their homes. In addition, these types of doors eradicate the possibility for housebreakers and unnecessary animals to come into the home.

Residential Sliding Door Opener Manual

Automatic Sliding Door Opener For Pets Features

1. Pet mode can be set, the width of the door can be adjusted, and the width specifically for pets can be set (see below for detailed adjustment methods)

2. Compact size, nice appearance and modern design.

3. System can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet switch, photocell, card reader, lock and so on.

4. Window and door mode can be switched arbitrarily.

5. 433.92 hz module, can be suit with smart-home.

6. Easy to install, without change existing door structure.

Door Opener Control Panel Detail Diagram

autoamtic sliding door closer

Home Sliding Door For Pets Parameter Adjustment

Speed: Opening 10-45cm/s, Closing 10-25cm/s (adjustable)

Opening Time: 0-20s (adjustable)

Learning Button: Learning button of remote or wireless push button, added and delete remote process

Learning LED: Remote learning indicator

office sliding door operner

Door Opening Width Setting

Turn on the power switch of controller(on the left), make sure DIP 1 is correct selected. The correct order is from open to close, please adjust the DIP switch to opposite position if direction is wrong, turn off the power and make door/window to full closed status, then turn on the power again.

  • Setting of Pet Door Opening Width

1. Make sure it's PET Mode, window or door will open slowly with pet mode indicator flash, you can use your foot to block the width of the door opening you need, (Note: do not get anything stuck in the process) After a short delay, the door will begin to slowly close. Once the door fully closed,  it means that the pet door opening width setting is completed.

  • Normal Opening Width Setting

2. All the indicators will flash, then door will slow open and close to the position, when the all indicators turn from flash to normal, it mean width measure is done controller has saved the opening width.

Five Mode Are Available

  • Automatic Mode: The door will open when a sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapse (all signal working normal)
  • Hold-open Mode: The door will open and remain open until another mode is selected.
  • Lock Mode: Door will close and remain closed until another mode is selected. 
  • Pet Mode: For use with pet sensors and when pet door opening width has been set. Will open the door to the pet opening width when any pet sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapsed. (This mode can only be set when a pet sensor is connected)
  • Manual Mode: The door can be manually operated, the system will not drive the door.

Sliding Door Installation (for more detail, can watch the video)

electric sliding door opener for pet installation

Residential Sliding Door Opener Technical Specifications

Power supply: 100-240V
Max weight: 80kg
Max width: 5 meters
Standard track: 1 meter(Length can be customized)
Color: White/black
Lemgth of track: 0.5 meter/pc
Applications: Door of kitchen and balcony, office, shop front and aisle; french window or other sliding windows

 Wiring Diagram:

wiring diagram with pet sensor

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Ask a Question
  • Apertura 1,5 mt?

    Hi Rene,

    Is your door width total 1.5m or opening width 1.5m? It can work with 1.5m door body. But if your door width is 3m, I recommend other model.

  • Scorrevole da 1,5 mt?

    Hi Rene,

    Is your door width total 1.5m or opening width 1.5m? It can work with 1.5m door body. But if your door width is 3m, I recommend other model.

  • Hi Our sliding door is heavy will this Work?

    Hi, What is the roughly door weight? Is there any resistance when opening the door manually? Or does it take a lot of force to open the door? If there is resistance, the door opener may be can not work with it.

  • I want my dog to stay inside at night, can the system be programmed so that from 8pm to 6 am the sensor will not work?

    You can press the "lock" button on the remote when you don't want the sensor to work, but the sensor should be connected to "outside sensor" terminal.
    During the day, you can press back to “auto” mode.

  • Is this item work with Alexa

    No, this kit without WiFi function, you can buy a WiFi switch separately, then you can connect with Alexa, and can use tuya smart APP to control the door.
    Here is the link for the wifi switch:

  • I have the olide sliding door for pets. My outdoor sensor stopped working. Is it possible to buy either the pet tags or carpet pressure sensor to connect to this system?

    Yes, both the pet tags and the carpet pressure sensor can connect to the system. Here are the links you can refer to and you can place order directly:

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