Residential Sliding Door Opener, Slide Type Patio and Office Automatic Door Operator

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Olidesmart Patio and Office Automatic Sliding Door Opener

electric sliding door closer


  • Door of kitchen patio and balcony.
  • Office,shop front and aisle.
  • French window or other sliding window

    Technical Specifications:

    Power supply: 100-240V
    Max weight: 80kg
    Max width: 5 meters
    Standard track: 1 meter(Length can be customized)
    Color: white/black
    Length of track: 0.5 meter/pc


    Automatic Residential Sliding Door Opener Characters:

    • Easy to instal, without change existing door structure.
    • Compact size, nice appearance and modern design.
    • System can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet switch, photocell, card reader, locks and so on.
    • Window and door mode can be switched arbitrarily 
    • 433.92hz module, can be suit with smart-home(extra wifi switch needed).
    casa1 residential sliding door opener controller details

    Automatic Residential Sliding Door Opener Data Adjustment

    residential sliding door opener data adjust introduction

    residential sliding door opener mode introduction

    • Automatic: the door will open when a sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapse(all signal working normal)
    • Hold open mode: the door will open and remain open until another mode is select
    • Lock mode: door will close and remain closed until another mode is select by remote system will lock if there is a E-lock connect to it (in that mode, only remote signal is available)
    • Pet mode: for use with pet sensors and when a pet opening width has been set (see below).      Will open the door to the pet opening width when any pet sensor is triggered and close after the preset dwell time has elapsed
    • Manual mode: the door can be manually operated, the system will not drive the door
    • Function select button

    Residential Sliding Door Closer Installation

    residential sliding door opener installation mothod

    residential sliding door opener installation example


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    Ask a Question
    • How long is the power cord? Is it white on the white model?

      The power cord is about 2m, and the white motor comes with white power cord; black motor comes with black color.

    • Can this be used outside. I have a screen enclosure with a 1 foot overhang. It shouldn't get wet but is it at all weather proof? Will it still perform in hot or cold temperatures?


      This door opener is for indoor use, we don't recommend use in outside. If your door is in outside, I recommend the model SD150, but because the door openers all need power on, they can not directly exposed to rain, and need to be sheltered by a canopy or eaves.

    • I have left and right doors. Can two openers be operated from a single remote?

      If the remote control is too far away, it may cause the door to be opened out of sync. It is recommended to use a package with smart control, which can be opened and closed simultaneously with a mobile phone.
      Such as:

    • how do I set code for external wireless keypad no instruction available


      Do you mean the remote control? It's the same setting with wireless push button, please see the picture below:
      setting of wireless remote control

    • I am having difficulty setting up the Remotes to open and close my sliding door I also don’t know what to do with the number key pad there are no instructions for that, I have 2 wireless motion sensor I want to install with this unit how do I Have it learn it to this system

      Hi Richard,
      Please make sure the mode is correct, and remote control should match the code first, you can do it follow the instrction

    • Can I mount it on a frame less glass door?

      Sorry, it can not be mounted on a frameless glass door.

    • what about re-entry to slider ? Both sides come with a sensor?


      The standard kit do not including the sensors, the wireless push buttons are included.  You can get in by pressing the push button.
      If you need sensors, you can look at this kit, it comes with 2 microwave sensor:

    • I started to install the RFID Smart Tag controller and have a wiring issue. There are four wires coming out of the controller and the pigtails that come with the door opener have three wires. How do you connect the Smart Tag Controller to the door opener terminals? There is no wiring diagram for this. Need help connecting it. The Rfid controller has blue, green, black and red wires, the supplied pigtails have red, yellow and black. It is not clear on how to connect it.


      Please ignore the color of the wires come with door opener, just wire them to correct terminals;

      Here is the wiring diagram, you can see black/AC,DC12-30V and blue/COM wires are wiring to the same terminal - GND, they can wire to the same one wire(come with door opener), so 3 wires are enough.

      If you still have problem, please send us email:

    • Can you operate the remote and the push buttons if they are located in a different room than the sliding glass door?

      The remote control distance between the remote control and the wireless push button is 10m. If there is a wall in the middle, the signal may be worse. If you want control the door opener from distance, we sugguest that you can control by phone APP, you can refer to the link:
      You can control the door thru APP even you are not at home.

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