Amazon Alexa Echo Google Home Controlled Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Motor Track System

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Do you often forget to close your curtains before leaving home? Well, an electric track system would help you open and close your curtains quickly. Allow the Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Track System to help you with your curtains.

The Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Track System can cover windows that measure about 2 to 7 meters wide Consumers want an easy installation process, and the electric curtain track system offers easy and straightforward installation process.

No long manuals to read. No hassles in opening/closing windows.

Unlike other electric curtain track system, the smart auto curtain tracker has excellent and durable parts. So, users have a fast and reliable operation of the track system.


What are a few examples of these amazing parts?


  • Aluminum alloy profile
  • Surface electrophoresis processing
  • Excellent load-bearing
  • High-quality mute belt
  • Stainless steel hanging wheel
  • Lazy arm (for smooth window closing and opening)

Wow! That’s so cool to include in an electric curtain tracker. Expect to gain reliable and easy operation of the tracking system due to these parts.

If that’s amazing, you’ll be amazed by its features.


  • Smart power supply that works perfectly with AC100 to 240V
  • Smart Wifi motor is compatible with different smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Mobile apps and other third-party platforms
  • External switch operation
  • Online control system
  • Excellent light-touch trigger
  • Smart Self-configure feature
  • Users can close/open curtains manually

Now, the manual operation might surprise you because this tracking system is “automatic.” What’s the use of the manual operation anyway?

It’s simple.

In case there’s a blackout, you can still open/close your curtains. Hence, you wouldn’t wait for the power to come back to close or open the window curtains.

But, the automatic feature is great for most users due to the light-touch trigger feature. Users can pull the trigger manually so that to trigger the motor to operate automatically.

That’s not all.

Here’ s the good news for Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home users out there!

The Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Track System is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home smart devices. The control process is simple. You open the Alexa Echo or Google Home device to open or close the window curtains when you’re in a hurry.

For example, you wake up late in the morning and still need to go to work. You would forget to close your curtains. But, with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can close the windows easily even if you don’t do it yourself.

You tell Amazon Alexa or Google Home what to do, and you can go to work.

Since the electric curtain tracking system is automatic, you can also use other devices to control the opening and closing of your curtains:

These home devices are as follows:

  • Timer
  • Remote Control
  • Mobile Device
  • Wall Switch

Here’s another cool thing you can do with the Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Track System:

Using an app, you can adjust the opening or closing of the curtains automatically. Your schedule depends on the time of day you want to close or open the curtains.

So, why not check the Wifi Smart Automatic Curtain Track System now and see how it works for you!

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