Phone APP Open Wireless Touchless Automatic Swing Door Opener with Wave to Open Switch, Hands Free Electric Door Operator

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Smart Touchless Automatic Swing Door Opener Olide-120B with Wave to Open Switch 

smart wireless touchless automatic swing door opener

The wave to open switch is a contactless active infrared induction smart switch. Its main feature is to realize the switch control of the circuit by waving at a certain distance from the switch panel.

It's an active infrared sensor switch, which is mainly used in Hospitals, laboratories, offices, public washrooms, kitchens, toilets and other areas to achieve simple and convenient door control in contactless mode.

The product can be used for the sensing control of touchless access control at entrance and exit, such operation is convenient, avoiding hand contact pollution.

Manual for Olide-120B Automatic Swing Door Opener

Wave your hand near the switch , the door will open automatically without pressing.

Olide-120B Automatic Swing Door Opener Features

  • Remotely open your door with a simple tap on your phone app, making entry a breeze from anywhere. Plus, it's compatible with Alexa for even more seamless integration into your smart home setup;

voice control automatic swing door opener

  • With advanced built-in sensor, the innovative door opener automatically stops when it detects people or objects in the door path, ensuring safety at all times;wave to open swing door opener control panel

  • Customize your experience to perfection. The switch sensing distance can be easily adjusted to cater to different environments, making it suitable for a variety of places and needs.

sensing distance adjustable touchless switch

  • Easily adjust function parameters with hand programmer, such as manual open, open angle, open time, etc.

olide-120B swing door opener hand programmer

Pull arm and push arm are optional, both inswing doors and outswing doors are available.

olide-120B pull and push arms are optional

Features For Wireless Wave to Open Switch

  • Adopts infrared modulation and demodulation, which is not easy to be misjudged by interference.

Wifi Smart M510FW receiver

  • Non - contact induction with hands or reflective objects, clean and hygienic.
  • The induction distance is adjustable from 3-30cm. It can be adjusted for different occasions.

Manual for wireless wave to open switch M512

Wiring Diagram With Wireless Wave to Open Switch 

olide120B wiring diagram with M510FW receiver

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Ask a Question
  • comment se procurer la notice de montage en français? Merci

    Désolé, nous n'avons pas de manuel en français pour le moment

  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes, it's waterproof. And there are wireless and wired available

  • We have installed the Olide 120b with the wireless switch M512 and are beside ourselves trying to open or close, and getting the wave sensor to work. Wiring instructions are a little ambiguous, we need help.

    Hi William,

    The previous wiring diagram is wrong, we have updated the correct wiring diagram on the product details page, please check it, or please tell me your email and I will send it to you.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi, a few questions. 1. can the mechanism be locked via voice control? 2. Does the mechanism allow for the door to be left ajar / fully open? 3. Does it have a power outage safety option i.e. a battery? 4. Can the wave to open feature be turned off when not required? Much appreciated 🙏

    Hi, please find the answers below:
    1. The door will automatic lock after close, and it can not be remotely locked via voice control or phone app; if you want to lock remotely, you can add a wifi switch:
    2. Cannot be adjusted for full or half opening, but the opening angle can be adjusted.
    3. If there is power outage, the door can be operated manually, there is no backup battery, you can prepare one yourself, there is port for connecting backup battery.
    4. There is no switch to trun the wave to open feature off, but you can remove the batteries, the button will not work; or disconnect the receiver of the button.

  • Hi, do you ship to or know of an Australian based retailer for this product?

    Hi, we can ship to Australia, the shipping time is about 6-9 days; As for the Australian retailers, we're not sure.

  • Our opener has been installed for 6 months trouble free. But has now started to do a sharp double jutter before it closes. What could that be ?

    Hi, can you send us a video to better confirm?

  • Hello I need diagram for wave-open sensor and swing door opener 120BS

    Hi, here you can find the wiring diagram:

  • Hi, I have got Err4 on handheld programmer. How to clear this one?

    Error 4 is not repairable and the only way to fix it is to change the controller or debug handle; if the controller is working properly without hand programmer, you can try changing a new programmer first.
    If you don't have another controller or hand programmer, please contact with us.

  • What is a error code 4 mean?

    Error 4 means there was an error in exchanging data between the controller and the debugging handle;
    This error may occur if the debug handle is plugged in before the controller is powered on. The correct way to do this is to power up the controller first, and then plug in the debug handle.
    If this error has already occurred, you need to replace the debugging handle or the controller to re-debug.

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