Automatic Sliding Door Opener

Olidesmart sliding door opener product range is complete, suitable for various places, from residential to commercial, such as kitchen, patio, office building, shop mall, small store, school, hospital, operating room, etc. Simple and safe operation brings great convenience to the people. 

Olidesmart automatic sliding door opener can be divided into small, medium and heavy duty type according to the load-bearing door weight. Generally, the ones used at home are small, such as model Casa1 residential sliding door opener, which is compact and convenient, very practical, and very cost-effective, suitable for framed door, such as wooden door and glass door with frame.

Casa2 is suitable for wooden door, it is longer than Casa1 and is more suitable for single or double doors of 2.2m-2.6m. Because the machine cannot be cut off, there are requirements for the width of the door, and the machine that is too long cannot be transported by the courier company.

Casa3 is the same as Casa2, but it is suitable for single or double glass door.

The load-bearing door weight of the above 3 models is below 80kg.

Model SD150B, SD190 and SD280 have different bearing weight for doors. If it's single leaf sliding door, the max door weight of SD150B,SD190,SD280 is 150kg, if it's a double sliding door, the max door weight of SD150B is 120kg*2, SD190 is 135kg*2, SD280 is the same as SD190.

In addtion, SD150 is a wide voltage, 110V and 220V can be used. The difference between SD190,SD280 and SD150 is that the model SD190 and SD280 are equipped with a transformer; and SD280 is equipped with a debugging handle, you can use the debugging handle to adjust the parameters.

Magnetic automatic sliding door opener, intelligent control of brushless DC motor. After the magnetic levitation automatic door is power on, it attracts the suspending magnet of the guide wheel to play a levitation function, no noise, and smooth sliding. Especially suitable for bedrooms, offices and other places,won't disturb others. It suitable for single leaf sliding door, if your door is double door, you need buy 2sets of opener.

Automatic Sliding Door Size Measurement

automatic sliding door size measurement

Please leave your door size information, so that we can send you correct rail and cover;

the information include: per leave door width, single or double sliding door, framed door or frameless door, because glass frameless door need equipped with glass clamp.

Olidesmart Automatic Sliding Door Opener Features

1. Intelligence: user - oriented, equipped with multiple intelligent and protective devices.
The automatic door control system USES the built-in microcomputer chip, the automatic setting control process.
Users choose the ideal open and close speed and open time, automatic door that can keep the best state, high degree of intelligence.
2. Safety: With safety sensing device, when the door closes, encounter certain obstacle, automatic door can bounce back automatically, there will be no program disorder.
Unique electric lock function can control the personnel entering and leaving according to the need.
Another optional standby power supply can be used to keep the automatic door running and keep it in the set state when the power is off to ensure the safety of personnel.
3. Reliability: Professional mechanical transmission design, special configuration of efficient DC brushless DC motor, with long service life, large torque, low noise characteristics, equipped with advanced gear synchronous belt transmission, the door running more stable and reliable.

Automatic Sliding Door Opener Installation Examples from Customers

automatic sliding door opener installation examples