The difference between Olide-120B and DSW120 is that Olide-120B upgrades the controller on the basis of DSW120. The new controller has a lock mode that can be adjusted for power-on lock or power-off lock.  We are now sending the olide-120B model by default.

In addition, there is Olide-120BL model, if your door has a latch, please order this model; to avoid customer confusion between olide-120b and olide-120BL, we do not upload the BL version separately, please leave a note of model number when placing order.

With Olide-120BL, you can open the door directly after you open the door latch by hand, and then go out. Model Olide-120B means that even if you open the door latch by hand, the door opener still cannot be activated, you need to use the remote control or switch to activate.